Neighborhood Life House

Director Job Description


Director maintains a Christ centered ministry.

  • Ensures that programs and activities include elements of a Christ centered life - prayer, scripture, Christian music, etc.

Recruits and develops volunteers.

  • Provides opportunities for volunteers of all ages.  Develops and leads volunteer training. Ensures background checks are mandatory for all volunteers.

Promotes team building and engages in leadership development.

  • Ensures active leadership for programs and activities. Provides adequate resources & appropriate oversight of program leaders. Teamwork - gets along well with leaders & volunteers, respects the rights of others and shows a cooperative spirit.

With the Board of Directors, ensures the implementation or the organization's mission and development and implementation of a quality strategic plan.

  • Promotes organization's mission statement in all programming and promotional/marketing materials. Develops and implements quality strategic plan.

Works with the executive board and program directors to develop a detailed annual income and expense budget.

  • Gathers information from program leaders regarding projected program needs.  Develops and maintains a system for in-kind giving, including volunteer hours.

Implements administrative policies and operational systems to support effective programming.

  • Oversees and maintains building cleanliness/appearance.  Assures adherence to other board policies - safety, volunteers, etc.

Communicates the organization's mission to the greater Joplin community and increases visibility of Neighborhood Life House programs, services and activities.

  • Develops and maintains relationships with school officials, community leaders, church leadership, etc.  Promotes the organization through social media. Plans organization's representation at community events  (i.e. volunteer recruiting events, mission fairs, Third Thursday, etc.)  Promotes organization's mission statement at these events.  Forms strategic partnerships with community leaders and local officials.

Develops a plan for measuring growth and outcomes of programming.

  • Communicates growth & outcomes at monthly board meeting.

Relational outreach to broader North Joplin area

  • Cultivates relationships with families and individuals in the neighborhood. Maintains contact information regarding individuals and families in the neighborhood for program/organization use.